Online Board Meetings Benefits

A virtual board meeting can save your nonprofit organisation time, money and energy. It also lets your members take part regardless of their work schedule, quarantine and travel restrictions. Virtual meetings can be difficult in the event that they are not planned correctly. A few simple rules will lead to an efficient online meeting with a solid board participation and effective documentation.

Start with a clear and concise agenda. Participate in the process of setting the agenda and send them copies well in advance of the meeting to help them prepare for the discussion. This will help keep your board on the right track and ensures that all relevant topics are addressed during the meeting.

Utilize video conferencing during your meetings so that attendees can communicate with each others. If the board members cannot read body language and hear each other clearly, it becomes difficult to engage. Video conferencing can be a great method to avoid distractions like pets, children, and household movements.

Keep track of all decisions made during the meeting, and include notes from every member who was a part of the decision. The meeting minutes are more helpful to refer to later and ensures that all decisions are written down in detail. If you don’t document your decisions correctly it could cause confusion and conflicting information later on. Make sure you have a designated minute-taker who understands the importance of recording every discussion and decision verbatim.

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