It can be a challenge to keep the track of all the data when you’re working on projects. Different teams on the project may create documents, spreadsheets and databases that have to be shared with other groups. It is vital that the information is complete, accurate and easily accessible. It can be frustrating when multiple systems are unable to communicate or share information in a simple manner.

A report is the simplest method of preparing data for use in projects. This is a great way to evaluate a project, document the lessons learned, and improve the outcomes of the project. It’s also a great opportunity to make insights gleaned from the data available to team members who do not have access to the original source data.

Data visualization tools assist to take this a step further. These visualizations, whether AI-powered heatmaps which highlight project bottlenecks, or predictive line graphs that show estimated completion times for projects, can be more powerful than simply listing facts and figures.

Runn provides a user-friendly solution to track, automate and delivering project information in a useful, shareable format. Being able to present your project’s data in a digestible format makes it easier to involve all stakeholders in the decision-making process and improves team efficiency. It also increases the probability that your data will be used to benefit by providing hypotheses that are tested they web secure data 24 can investigate. Find out more about how Runn can transform the way you manage projects. Get started for free with our 14-day trial.